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Christ Church CE Primary School Battersea

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White Rose Maths

Maths teaching at Christ Church

We use the White Rose schemes of work to teach maths at Christ Church. 

For each year group, the scheme of learning includes an overview of the maths that your child should be learning at any point in the year.

Each year is split into three terms (autumn, spring and summer), and each term comprises individual blocks of learning about a particular topic. 

There are plans for single age classes and for mixed classes within Key Stage phases.

Early Years



Year 1 and 2



Year 3 and 4



Year 5 and 6



You’ll notice that we spend lots of time building strong number skills in Key Stage 1, and Key Stage 2. We believe that number underpins almost every area of mathematics. Without firm foundations in number, children are likely to struggle with other aspects of mathematics. For example, calculating area in geometry. That is why we have adopted the White Rose scheme of learning as it devotes so much time to number.

Children with an excellent grasp of number make better mathematicians. Spending longer on mastering key maths topics like number will build a child’s confidence and help secure understanding. This should mean that other topics take less time to teach and learn. Schools already using these schemes have also used other subjects and topic time to teach and consolidate relevant areas of the mathematics curriculum.